High Roads Classrooms

John M. Clayton Elementary, Georgetown Middle School (IEP team placement decision with family, home school, and district Department of Special Services. Ongoing data collected through the MTSS and IEP process supports the shift in placement.)


· Indian River School District contracts with High Road Schools to provide a more intensive service for special education students with intense behavioral needs.

· 2:6 staff to student ratio.

· Intensive, specialized classroom-wide behavior support plan.

· Social-Emotional curriculum is used in group counseling sessions and incorporated into the daily schedule.

· Individual counseling with a Mental Health Counselor or Special Outreach Service provider.

· Tailored academic options to include instructional programs and web-based products and interventions to meet the day-to-day social-emotional demand of the student.

· Daily data collection based on behavioral IEP goals.

· Transitional support to regular education classrooms, to home school, and/or to community events.

· Participate in community-based activities and have the opportunity to participate in school-based events.

· District liaison and home school participate in meetings regarding student progress, goals