Increased Physical Education/Physical Activity
The 2008-2009 school year marked the introduction of the CATCH program and the daily ‘Take 10’ at John M. Clayton. Staff members have been trained to provide daily, academically related physical activities for students to improve their physical fitness and well-being. Also, by adding a second Physical Education special to the specials rotation, students now receive 25% more PE than they would have in a tradition 5-day rotation. Our Health and Wellness Fair brought in state and local health and fitness organizations to share ideas and programs with our students to encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle. Staff members have also gotten involved by attending after-school staff wellness and exercise class. Frankford’s students have improved their health, appearance, self-confidence, and self-esteem through this initiative. John M. Clayton Elementary has proudly become one of the driving forces behaving the Indian River School District’s health and wellness initiative!